A fun thing to do, virtual sketching with your eBike using your cell phone or GPS watch! You could be the next “Cycling Artist”. The ride’s original name was:

Old Hilliers Road to the German Deli

24 Km. 213 metre climb. About 1.5 hours.

I tracked my ride with the Trailforks app and noticed it looked like a familiar shape. Even the eyeball (marsh). Being on the Bark Echo eBikes Team, and being surrounded by furry four legged associates, the imaginary jump was easy. Not Fast and Furious but Furry and Frivolous. Have a look at it below. You could even put a collar and leash on the dog, if you ride your eBike from Qualicum Beach!

So, OK, not all the red lines were drawn on a real road. So we have to adapt the drawing to the reality of the roads.

This is the actual circuit from the Trailforks app

I started at the base of the back foot and made my way clockwise, up and over and down, a few times for each paw, the horizontal belly line is Grafton Road, the paw roads are Station road, Ward Road, McLean Road and Pratt Road. I eyeballed the distance for the dog legs, that last one is a bit long. Pratt is the one that draws the front leg and chest of the dog all the way up towards the deli.

Hilliers shops

A little 10 metre detour off the Alberni highway, onto Van Horn brings you to Albert’s Hilliers Gourmet Foods, with a presence on Facebook. Check before you go, Albert is wise — he and his staff do take holidays. On the same little sidestreet, Van Horn, there’s a fish market HUB CITY Fish Market (bring a cooler and ice!) and a cool t-shirt shop, tshirts that talk. Pretty busy tiny street!

The nice ambling part of this ride starts just a few hundred metres past Tshirts That Talk, when you turn right onto Hilliers Road South. You are then going slightly downhill, drawing the Dog’s head and shoulders. Once you cross onto the abandoned Coombs road, you will draw the back, all the way to the Goats on the Roof.

Coombs shops

Loads to do in Coombs, starting with the Old Country Market with the Goats on the Roof. Don’t miss the stores behind the grass roofed building as well as across the bridge. Lock your bike and bring the battery key with you.

If we keep on drawing the Bark Echo Dog ride, head onto the gravel railside trail towards Parksville, for just a bit, then turn left on Virginia/Shawn road, the tip of the dog tail pulls a U turn at the Bamboozle Boutique. Worth a peek inside.

After your return towards the Coombs shops, it’s a matter of closing the loop to your starting point! Left on Station road. Of course, you can start your ride at any point in the circuit. Fun. Furry and Frivolous Fun.

Show us your accomplishment — if you post your ride circuit and photos on Instagram do tag them #barkechoebikes

You’ve got bragging rights as a “cycling artist” now!


You can access the ride through BlueBuddha’s ride on the Trailforks app, or scan the QR code below if you want instant access to the ride, it will open in your Trailforks app!


The Bark Echo eBikes Team