Rent your perfect eBike

 The Bark Echo eBikes Fleet

If you find a crack of sun, on any day, give us a call and we will set you up for some fun time!

Up to 4 hours, ride from our location, 60$.
Full day, delivered, 85$.
Weekend, delivered, 150$.
Full week, delivered, 395$.


fits riders from 5 feet and up (152 cm and up), fat tire, for all type of road surfaces, comfortable ride (15.6 amp) a.k.a., THE FULL MONTY!


fits riders from 5’7″ and up (170 cm and up), fat tire, urban and trail riding, (15.6 amp) a.k.a., THE FORK IN THE ROAD!


fits riders from 5 feet and up (152 cm and up), fat tire, perfect bike for urban riding (15.6 amp), a.k.a., Step Brothers!


fits riders from 5’6″ and up (168 cm and up) cool riding, easy going (13 amp), a.k.a., Easy Rider!


fits riders from 5’8″ and up (173 cm and up) for all terrain, tall riders (14 amp), a.k.a., Raiders of the Lost Arc!

The Trike

fits riders from 5’4” and up, for road and bike paths, not for off-road, great for people with slight balance issues, 15.6 amp, huge rear basket for shopping, a.k.a Solid as a Rock


for riders 5 feet and up (152 cm and up) easy step-through, regular size tires, great road ride and the Coombs gravel path too (13 amp), a.k.a., City Slickers!

The Mini

The Mini

for riders 5 feet and up, cool mini tires, perfect urban excursions: Parksville – Qualicum links, (152 cm and up) (15.6 amp) a.k.a., The Italian Job!

Nerdy specs: all bikes

20 inch wheel, 4 inch fat tire, adult eBike

some eBikes come with saddle suspension
a battery charger is supplied for multi-day rentals, so it’s best to bring a backpack on pick-up day

7 gears

Disc brakes

48 volt battery, 500 watt 8 fun brushless Bafang motor

Range with some pedalling 50km, easy

Mirror, bell, some come with a duckie

Front and rear lights

Front baskets on most bikes

A sanitized helmet can be provided, but it is better during COVID times to bring your own gear

Bike lock included

Bottle holder

Maximum rider weight 260 Lbs (118 Kg)

Download this image to your phone, it’s the instructions for the LCD screen


Extra days are $65 a day
A $250 refunded security/damage deposit will be applied