A nice mix of separated bike path, wide paved shoulder, and an abandoned road, leads you from Qualicum Beach to Coombs.

12 Km. 214 metre climb. Under an hour.

Beach at Qualicum

You can choose to skip the Laburnum climb and access the ride up Memorial, from the traffic circle west of Qualicum, the Rupert and Memorial intersection, if you’re in a hurry.

Going by the first way, up Laburnum (that’s a plant) adds a long detour, but well worth it. A long climb to test your pedal assist levels. Love it! But don’t burn all your juice.

Laburnum Hill

There’s a separate bike path along the road, no worries here. And of course the scenery is amazing.

Laburnum Bike Path in Qualicum

The traffic circle is at the end of this pathway, a quarter of the circle sends you towards Coombs. Wide shoulders along the road make this section of the ride more bearable. You will bike under the four lane highway underpass.

Keep an eye out for Hilliers’ road. If you take the right, you will get to the German deli. That’s another post. To get to Coombs, take the left way, past the yellow barrier, onto the old abandoned Hillers road.

Old Hillers Road access gate

It’s nice quiet ride. You’ll need to walk your bike across the train tracks. Make sure to turn off the assist, as you should do whenever you stop of go through technical aspects of your ride.

Old Hilliers road bypass to Coombs

You’ll end up at a T intersection, turn left, the Old country Market and all the shops, stores and eateries are just a few hundred metres away. Power off before the crowds. Have fun. Lock your bike. Bring the battery key with you.

Old Country Market in Coombs, aka The Goats on the Roof

There’s also an off-spur you can ride to the German deli, by way of the right turn at Hilliers’ road, rather than the left. A low traffic winding paved road with beautiful scenery. That’s another post coming soon.

Beautiful Laburnum detour and on to Coombs


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