A mix of paved bike paths, through residential neighbourhoods, forest pathways and low traffic roads.

16.7 Km. 157 metre climb. Maybe 90 minutes.

Parksville Bay

Leaving from the boardwalk at Parksville beach, at the west end (up Island), cross the main drag (Island Hwy) on McMillan street and take the first right on Morison Ave.

Head all the way to the end and turn right onto Pym. About 500 metres out, turn left onto Humphrey, then onto the traffic circle. Curve right down Church road, at the T, turn left onto Wembley Road. One kilometre after, there’s a left turn onto Roberton Blvd. The bike path from hereon is very well indicated.

Follow the signs for the bike route

A bit after this is your chance to take a one kilometre off-spur down Lowrys Road to Morningstar Farms and Little Qualicum Cheeseworks. Mmmm cheese.

Morningstar Farm and Little Qualicum Cheeseworks

Once you’re back in the saddle, head back the same way and get back on track, left on Roberton towards Qualicum Beach. Then right on Morningstar Drive. Left on Lee Road West. Right on Barclay crescent. Across French Creek. Then left on Imperial Drive. And left again on Sunrise Drive. Just follow the bike path signage. All we want is to stay away from vehicle traffic. 😉 Bike on right ahead all the way to Bennett Road, which you will cross, through a small forest to reach Fern Road. Cross Hollywood Road.

Parksville to Qualicum by the bike path

Still on Fern road, keep pedalling (or not). More forest pathways once you cross Qualicum Road. At one point, the path splits left or right. Left goes into the Town of Qualicum Beach, shops, restaurants, galleries. If you veer right, then quickly left onto Veterans Way, the next right is Memorial Avenue, which winds its way down to the waterfront.

Down Memorial to the beach

You are now on the beach in Qualicum! The map shows the path all the way to the ice cream place, Shore Restaurant.

Ice Cream hut at Qualicum beach
Enjoy the view

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If you’re going to do this ride, I suggest you rent for the day, there’s so much to do in Qualicum and on the seawall.


The Bark Echo eBikes Team